Smart Hotel Solutions is a complete platform for all future hotel operations. Our solution primarily targets energy conservation through the application of ‘smart technologies’ that concurrently enhances the guest experience and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

Our secondary objective, is to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of the human labour component in order to increase guest and staff convenience which directly decreases the operational costs. This creates a win-win-win situation for the guests, the Hotel as well as our ecosystem.

Booking and Payment

Mobile application allows guest to look for room type and rates then book and do payment in application.


Customers can set their preferences before check in to hotel such as ordering drinks, pillow type and order food or book events…

Smart Check In

Customer can check in simple click and bypass the long check in process queue


Customer can control over room automation like lighting, HVAC, TV and …

Occupancy detection

Smart room automatically detect occupancy and switch off lights and HVAC to save energy


Customer can request for housekeeping service or order food ,book taxi or any services which provide by hotel via mobile application

Staff Management

We provide intelligent staff management engine to efficiently handle the guest requests automatically. Staff will notify for their tasks via mobile application

Digital Signage

Integrated with digital hotel signage for events information or advertising

Customer Loyalty

Customer can leverage of having profiles, preferences and customizations saved for future bookings. Also, we provide CRM for guest loyalty management

Location Mapping

Detect the staff and customers traffic flow

Planning & Reporting

Reports and analytics can be generated by the system

Self- Ordering F&B

Customer can order F&B from Mobile application


Reduce Cost

Higher Engagement of Citizens & Guest etc.

Reduce Recourse

Improve Efficiency of Services

Improve Logistic Flow

Open System & Scalable


High Staffing Resources

Tracking of Guest

Energy Usage

Improved Marketing & Promotions

Improved Management